Block Property Management Services

The Urban Life Estates property management team have over 20 years experience in the business of block property management and currently manage over 250 property blocks throughout the London area.

As your Managing Agent, our role will be to oversee the cleaning, gardening, repair and maintenance of the common parts of your buildings. We prepare budgets, annual accounts and we administer the collection of ground rent, service charge, insurances and other payments due under the terms of your lease.  We will assist with documentation and information required when you sell, assign, charge or alter your property.

What we do.

* Ensure your building and common areas are maintained in accordance with the terms of your lease.
* Carry out regular inspections.
* Prepare specifications of work.
* Liaise with residents.
* Consult with owners and oversee major works.
* Ensure that you receive value for money for your service charge payments.
* Handle the collection of service charge payments and pay suppliers’ invoices.
* Keep and maintain compliant accounting records.
* Prepare year end accounts.
* Operate a common sense approach to health and safety.
* Provide emergency telephone contacts.

Our Fees

We charge a fixed fee per unit which is payable every quarter.  If we are asked to carry out additional one off tasks, such as the supervision of major building work or arranging to meet insurance assessors, there will be an extra charge that will be invoiced separately.

Call: 0208 808 0242 for a free building inspection and evaluation.

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